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How to Choose the Best Online Bookkeeping Service

Best Online Bookkeeping Service

Best Online Bookkeeping Service – The heart of every business is their financials. When it comes to bookkeeping and maintaining your books on a regular basis, it can be daunting.  On the other hand,  putting such tasks in the hands of someone outside your company can be even more stressful. You, the business owner, find yourself spending countless hours figuring out QuickBooks Online and missing evening family dinner and baseball games on the weekends because every piece of paper adds an extra 2 hours of frustration and still, you’re not getting anywhere.  Maybe it’s time to take that leap and do what seems like the most difficult first step about outsourcing your business to an online bookkeeping service. What if you CAN go to those baseball games on the weekends WITHOUT worrying about those piled up receipts lying on your desk? What if you get a Report  on your desk every Monday morning that shows how you did financially last week? What if you can focus on growing your business?

Take the next step towards getting an online bookkeeping company.  Here are some main tips to help you pick the right one for your business.

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5 Tips to Choose the Best Bookkeeping Service for your Company

  1. Essentials 
  2. Virtual vs On-site
  3. Bonded & Insured 
  4. Security 
  5. Management & The Process 


  • They must meet your ESSENTIAL NEEDS.

The best online bookkeeping services understand that every business has their unique needs and should provide personalized service to fit those needs. Look for a provider that is an expert on the platform of your choice whether it be QuickBooks Online or Xero so both of you are at least on the same page from the start. It is essential to ensure the bookkeeping service you choose has the expertise, resources, support and are accountable to you by constantly communicating with you on a consistent basis.  Especially the first 3 months as a new client.  Constant communication means they have an interest in your industry and making an effort to meet your unique needs as a new client. Take this great read – How Do You Do Daily Bookkeeping, for an example. You can learn what the main tasks of a quality bookkeeper are as a start to make sure your minimum requirement of a bookkeeping company is met – – Best Online Bookkeeping Service.


  • Virtual is just as good as in-person now – Best Online Bookkeeping Service

Even though technology is more advanced than ever,  outsourcing your bookkeeping to a virtual bookkeeper or a bookkeeping agency will be better in the long run. It will save you money on payroll and all the accumulated payroll taxes and fees attached to having an in-house employee and your business will grow exponentially but surely because your financial information is at the tip of your finger every month.  


  • They should be BONDED & INSURED.

Just like driving your car or owning a house.  Knowing that your outsourced bookkeeping company is both bonded and insured gives you the security and confidence that you know they care enough to make sure their client is protected because they are bonded and they research enough to get Cyber Insurance and Liability Insurance to protect their own company.  Believe it or not, but not all bookkeeping companies take this important step.  Weigh your options, do your homework and make a sound decision.  For more information on this topic, we have a 2 part article covering this very topic.  

Bonded and Insured Blog Part 1

Bonded and Insured Blog Part 2


  • They should be SECURED.

The security of your data is paramount. Make sure that the online bookkeeping service you choose has a secure storage method, secure password app so credentials are not seen by just anyone and that they have Cyber Insurance where the insurance company provides on-going information and training to your bookkeeping company to secure client information. 


  • They should have a GOOD TEAM AND A PROCESS

Researching is a vital move when it comes to choosing the right partner in business, especially with your trusted bookkeeper. Ask questions about how the team works, who is responsible for what and, most importantly, see if there is quality control in place to review work.  Many times you will experience this yourself-when you are getting ready for a sales presentation and  you keep proofing your own powerpoint presentation.  At some point, everything will look the same and little details will be missed that can make or break your presentation.  This is human nature.  Nothing you can do about that.  BUT, if you foresee this and you have someone proofing your final work, you know that errors will be caught and you will go into your sales pitch 200% more confident because you know that your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.  That’s exactly how bookkeeping works.  Looking at the same information 8 hours a day 5 days a week, makes it all look the same.  So make sure the bookkeeping company you decide to go with has all the processes in place to catch errors and reviews are done on a consistent  basis.  


Our Conclusion – Best Online Bookkeeping Service

Best Online Bookkeeping Service Content Image 2

Remember, having a trusted bookkeeping partner can make or break your business when it comes to accurate numbers.  Do your research, ask great questions and then make a sound decision for your next bookkeeping company.  We hope this blog will give you a starting point in your search for your next great bookkeeping partner.


Nave Bookkeeping is one of the best-helping hands for your small/medium business.  We have a process in place for  checks and balances so 3 sets of eyes are looking at your books before they are submitted monthly or to your CPA or Tax Preparer.

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